Paypal for Mauritians

I just tried to register for paypal today, just to see and hoping Mauritius was added to the countries list, and GOOD NEWS for us!!! Now Mauritius IS listed, i.e you can buy items from eBay, flickr and other merchants! Go and register yourself!

  1. indeed good news 🙂

    e-commerce has got another (first?) boost for mauritius

  2. That’s awesome! Great. I was completely gutted when I tried to register and found that Mauritius wasn’t included. That’s totally cool.

  3. The problem is that it is send only for mauritius…
    You can only pay with Paypal not received money

  4. Yeah that is the problem. It is useless for people that do not pay with credit cards. You cannot even add money from your personal Bank, this is not good.

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