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In fact it’s a simple app written in PHP5 using the screen scraping technique ;-). Basically the script fetches the headlines from the local newspaper “” and displays them in your profile.

Add lexpress-mru app to your facebook profile. 

Download the php script here (requires php5).



Problem :

You want to display a particular post everyday but only during a time of the day, very useful when you’ve got a schedule you want to display.

Solution :

Post your entry but make the entry date a fixed one. For example, the post has entry date 2007-01-01 but with the time you want the post to display -> 2007-01-05 01:40 PM

Then in your exp:weblog:entries tag in your template just add the following:

stop_before="2007-01-01 {current_time format="%g:%i %A"}" show_future_entries="yes"