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Displays your IP address and with a simple Google maps mashup to display where you’re from.

Web2.0 design style done in my spare time after buying domain, using :

For those interested in the accordion thing, just have a look at the javascript :

or if you want some help, just contact me. 😉

Fresh from oven, read the announcement and grab it !

Still wondering whether it’s too hot or not for website.

Before starting work everyday and while waiting Eclipse (PDT) to patiently build my projects, here are my favorite websites I must visit ranked in my personal order of preference :


It has been 1 month since was launched and overall I’am quite satisfied with the new portal, compared to the old Servihoo one.

The main features which I’am very satisfied, from a technical point of view :

  • built on bleeding edge technology (does anyone hear memcache here ;-))
  • almost all pages are valid XHTML 1.0 transitional (i do mention almost here)
  • CSS layout, built on the fantastic YUI CSS grids and Blueprint CSS (look ma, no tables ;-))
  • heavy, very heavy use of javascript and namely the great, the fantastic and the one and only Yahoo! YUI library. 😉
  • various AJAX calls via YUI Connection manager. For example  taux de change on the homepage, where the info is retrieved via AJAX displayed in a cool YUI panel.
  • follow Yahoo! rules for high performance websites (thanks YUI theater and Steve Souders for that). Not later than yesterday, expires headers were added to javascript components and a notable increase in performance has been noted. Naturally a lot is still to be done but we’re working on that.
  • clean URLS

P.S I did watch Steve’s video from start to finish and I’ll recommend it to other web dev out there. The YUI theater is just great resource.


Problem :

You want to display a particular post everyday but only during a time of the day, very useful when you’ve got a schedule you want to display.

Solution :

Post your entry but make the entry date a fixed one. For example, the post has entry date 2007-01-01 but with the time you want the post to display -> 2007-01-05 01:40 PM

Then in your exp:weblog:entries tag in your template just add the following:

stop_before="2007-01-01 {current_time format="%g:%i %A"}" show_future_entries="yes"

The Nomad guys

Everytime I come across a Nomad stand, whether at Galaxy Port-Louis or recently at Happy World House, there’s always two guys/gals,  sitting in front of a laptop, with a very serious face, (pretending ?) to do something. Wonder what they actually do/see since they are alone most of the time… Maybe Yashvin can help me 😉


Seems like slow Internet connection will go on for several days as the Taiwan “link” has been damaged due to the earthquake. Download rate of 3Kb/s on a 256 Kb line… snif, snif… 😦