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This blog is officially closed, kindly visit my new blog and update your bookmarks. 😉

Web2.0 design style done in my spare time after buying domain, using :

For those interested in the accordion thing, just have a look at the javascript :

or if you want some help, just contact me. 😉

Fresh from oven, read the announcement and grab it !

Still wondering whether it’s too hot or not for website.

Before starting work everyday and while waiting Eclipse (PDT) to patiently build my projects, here are my favorite websites I must visit ranked in my personal order of preference :

I just tried to register for paypal today, just to see and hoping Mauritius was added to the countries list, and GOOD NEWS for us!!! Now Mauritius IS listed, i.e you can buy items from eBay, flickr and other merchants! Go and register yourself!

Servihoo Mobile Zone Launched

Mobile zone

The new Servihoo Mobile Zone has been launched today, where you can get logos, tones, games and videos.

Check it here and tell me what you think!

P.S, Yahoo! YUI is just too great!!!

Mac OS X on my AMD 64

Mac OS X

Meet my new OS, running on my AMD 64 as smoothly as on a real Mac!


Simply fantastic stuff from Apple (though Eddy might disagree on certain things ;-)). Can’t wait for it to arrive in Mauritius!! Beginning 2008?? ;-(.

Read more about the annoucement here


Pseudo : gezzle

Pourquoi ce pseudo? : C’est le nick q’utilise normalement Per Gessle (chanteur du groupe Roxette)

Dernier coup de coeur littéraire? : Y a pas

Anime, manga ou comic US préféré? : Y a pas

Gouts musicaux? : Rock, pop, seggae, sega

Groupes écoutés actuellement? : PlanetShakers, Hillsong United, SonicFlood

Suis tu la mode? : Pas trop

Comment te decrirais tu? : Sympa, cool

Comment as tu trouvé ce questionaire? : Bof… 😉

Qui vas tu tagger maintenant? : Nepli reste personne, zot tout ine fini tagger!

ShutterflyI just received my Shutterfly prints today, 1 month after ordering, in a somewhat nice envelope. Prints quality is good and price is not bad. The only thing which is killing me is the shipping fee, $4.99! In fact I was just testing the service since upon registration I got 15 prints free. I ordered 21 prints, and the total was Rs. 197… Not bad for a first time, but I’am having a look at Snapfish, which boasts the lowest prices on the web $0.10 (Rs. 3.3) per prints if you buy a package of 250 prints. In Mauritius here the lowest price I got for prints was Rs. 12. Anybody ever got a lower price than that?