Professional :

I’am currently a Web Developer at Telecom Plus Ltd. which is a subsidiary of Mauritius Telecom and France Telecom, aged 24. Together with a colleague, I’am responsible for all the development of our portal (Servihoo), and our latest development art of work has been the new paid classified ads mobile zone in our portal ;-). I also work on My.T where I worked on the VOD section and settings section of the GUI, as well as on the My.T website itself . My main areas of interest are programming (PHP, Java, Python, etc…), OS(Linux, Mac OS X), music, football (LFC!)…


To face the day to day difficulties in life, I’am of course supported by my family, our Lord Jesus and of course by my loving, adoring and future wife Stéphanie. 😉

God bless you all


  1. tarrrrr….
    to work in all these web sites 🙂
    thats gr8!

  2. viccks

    hmmmm.. telecom plus.. nice

    mo capave complain avek toi.. si mo connection crappy???

    aiaaa.. another LFC fan.. seems The Mauritian blogosphere is full of them 😛

  3. to koner toi, LFC is the best!
    Crappy connection -> 203 7272 😉

  4. hi!!!!

    please note that уαѕнαkuη Oηliηe
    has moved to since 1st march 2007…
    please update your links and blogroll….

    c u there


  5. krys

    hi, do you do freelancing? i have some coding to do.

  6. Dr Yanand Kumar Sonoo


    I would like to do some advert freely on servihoo by giving more details for the courses I offer at Mahebourg.

    I want to inform people directly by an email, Is this possible.



  7. Hello Asvin.

    Nice to have found your blog on In fact, after the new implementation of the website (, I wanted to contact the web team of MT-to congratulate them.

    If you have any job (web design/ development)to outsource, do not hesitate.

  8. thank ashesh, no prob 😉

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