Am I the first person in Mauritius to watch 24 S6 Ep 7 and Prison Break S2 Ep 16?

24 is too great, but as for Prison Break, things are becoming monotonous now. I feel in Season 2 Michael’s influence is not the same as in Season 1. But anyway, 2 great shows!

  1. I haven’t yet watched the Season 6 of 24. I think it’s the Chinese Triad in that, ain’t it?

  2. viccks

    haven’t started watching prison break.. and don’t really like 24 😛

    instead smallville has indeed become quite interesting.. with the form of justice league forming around green arrow! 😛

  3. Watched both of them today Asvin! Both series are amazing I have to agree. But I don’t personally feel that Prison break is becoming monotonous, I really appreciate the comeback of Sara Tancredi. As for 24, what’s happening now was totally unexpected, that’s what makes this show outstanding!

  4. Hans, in fact there’s no, almost no Chinese connection, it’s veru brief! You must see it for yourself!

    Viccks, I never really became a fan of Smallville, I remember downloading 3 seasons full, but I dont know I just dont get along with it I think 😉 24 is the best! hahaha

    Fadil, in fact there’s not as much suspense as in the first season, where Michael was “controlling” everything, in this season I feel Mahone is at the center!
    As for 24, it’s the best, no doubt about it, especially after what happened! But I could sense it coming when Philip wanted to talk to Graham!

  5. I’m not into 24 at all. Either, the guy is tortured or is being tortured? Am I right? Partly kidding, don’t take it badly.

    Prison Break is definitely getting popular in the country. You can find some DVDs here and there.

    But really people, go watch The Office.

  6. Hi, PB’s going down. too many twists & turns

    You watch Heroes? It’s the best series playing at the moment to my opinion.


  7. Hey, you know what? I started watching PB and I got hooked. It’s awesome, especially the first half of the first season. I have up till episode 16 in season 2 right now. Hope it gets better.

    Also got Heroes.

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