Mac OS X on my AMD 64

Mac OS X

Meet my new OS, running on my AMD 64 as smoothly as on a real Mac!


  1. How did you do that?

    I also have an AMD64 which is unused right now 🙂

  2. Black Magic! 😉

    Nope, seriously, got hold of a patched version of Mac OS X (Jas) which can run on non-Apple computers somewhere on rapidshare (4.7 Gb download!!!!) ;-), tried it, tweaked it and BOOM! It works perfectly!
    In fact I’ve got the 10.4.6 version as well as 10.4.7 version, but I think they still use the 10.4.4 kernel! I once tried the 10.4.7 version but it didn’t work.
    If your AMD is unused why don’t you give it a try? Just 4 fun… 😉

  3. would that work on an intel P4 as well?

  4. lol, u r making me becoming mad about this just right now!

  5. Buy a real one 🙂

    Seriously, I suspect that sooner rather than later, Apple will relase Mac OS X for other platforms, as NeXT did with OpenStep. Remember, it’s no longer Apple Computer, Inc., it’s Apple, Inc.

    Ironically, I have a MacBook Pro, but I am trying to get Windows on it without much success.

  6. Eddy, doesn’t bootcamp work fine for dual booting OSX & XP/Vista? i tried it and it works fine, only my isigght camera on the macbook pro does not work with windows, everything else does… but did not keep either xp or vista for too long, deleted after 2 days, not any use 🙂

  7. To Sundeep, yeah it will work with a P4, in fact if you have a SSE3 enabled CPU then you’re in!

    To Yashvin, am already mad! 😉

    To Eddy, in other words, Mac OS X is incomplete without a real Mac! Maybe one day I’ll buy one but for now, I’ll just stick to my patched Mac OS X!
    I don’t know whether I’am right or not but it seems that Netbeans loads much faster on Mac OS X, almost instantly compared to that on Windows and Linux.

    To Shaan, in fact I’am slowly trying to convert my sister and brother to Mac OS X, but it’s tough… especially there’s no Msgplus for Mac I think

  8. @shaan.c: I’d like to be able to play on my laptop so that I am not tied to a desktop PC. I’ve tried Bootcamp, but it complains about not being able to re-partition. There is no way I am re-formatting the hard disk just to be able to install Windows.

    @asvin: Yes, NetBeans does feel snappier on Mac OS X. Maybe, it is because of the excellent integration of Java with the OS.

    For instant-messaging, try AdiumX. Or, Skype.

  9. Dannisen

    Coool mo pas ti conner ca. actuellement mo lor vista et c a chier 😉 voila ene truc ki mo capav essaye met en place. merci

    pour bane ki pas conner :
    liverpool 0 : manchester united 1

    we won the championship at anfield !!! thanks folks

  10. sharath

    What is your hardware configuration ?

    Do u have Sata DVD and Hard drive ?
    do you have nvidia or ATI ?

  11. AzN_DJ

    Can you give me a link for the rapidshare patched version?

  12. Balachandar

    guys lookin for the build can find it in

  13. ohhh. this is very good. please publish link 4 rapidshare please

  14. luka

    lol no link = not true:P

  15. paresh sonar

    i have amd athlon x2 dul core and amd phenom x4 quadcore proessor …….so how can i install mac os and which???

    both pc are high config…….how much ram require to install???

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