Could it be the year?

Could it be the year the 11 points lead crumble and Manyoo find themselves in second position?

Could it be Liverpool F.C start on an unbeaten run which will see off Manyoo, Chelski and The Gooners and win the title this year?

Anyway, thanks Thierry Henry, for that marvellous header! The title race is on!


  1. Wake up, Asvin! This is NOT the year! 😉

    Yesterday’s defeat was a real blow for Man Utd, but this team has been there in the past and still managed to grab silverware. Arsene Wenger has rightly said(it’s so not him): United Won’t Crumble.

    As The Gaffer always says, we like doing things the hard way!

  2. Nou ava gueter en Mai!! Hahahaha, pas blier zot bizin vine Anfield tout la!!

  3. Nice site.I came here through Yashvin’s blog…

    Liverpool will have to get rid of Benitez to win the title…

  4. I guess you’ve got your answer now, huh? 😛

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