My Shutterfly prints are here!

ShutterflyI just received my Shutterfly prints today, 1 month after ordering, in a somewhat nice envelope. Prints quality is good and price is not bad. The only thing which is killing me is the shipping fee, $4.99! In fact I was just testing the service since upon registration I got 15 prints free. I ordered 21 prints, and the total was Rs. 197… Not bad for a first time, but I’am having a look at Snapfish, which boasts the lowest prices on the web $0.10 (Rs. 3.3) per prints if you buy a package of 250 prints. In Mauritius here the lowest price I got for prints was Rs. 12. Anybody ever got a lower price than that?


  1. you have been tagged!

    dont worry, its a straight-forward one!

    have a nice time 🙂

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