The Nomad guys

Everytime I come across a Nomad stand, whether at Galaxy Port-Louis or recently at Happy World House, there’s always two guys/gals,  sitting in front of a laptop, with a very serious face, (pretending ?) to do something. Wonder what they actually do/see since they are alone most of the time… Maybe Yashvin can help me 😉


  1. perhaps they are googling their names??

  2. googling their names, hahaha

    na, if they r looking serious then for sure, they have lost the signal! They are waiting to get the connection back, trust me 😀

  3. viccks


    guys from nomad losing connection during a presentation or demo!!!
    tro bon pou eTe sa.. pe essay imagine their face 😛

  4. Hahaha! Lost signal, in fact when they are serious that means they are worried!

  5. I think their behaviour is actually a symptom of ‘superiority complex’. I have noticed that a lot in Mauritius lately as many people don’t actually like their jobs. On top of that, they don’t have much knowledge or information on the products they are selling or services they are providing. Therefore, in order to compensate for their shortfall, they tend to pretend they are: really busy checking something extremely technical, doing something really important that none of us can understand, act snobbishly & use terms or words to try and stagger customers, or even be rude to people asking for information. I remember seeing this behaviour a lot among salesmen/women, especially those working in car showrooms or electronic/computer shops.

  6. Stephen

    I chatted to a guy outside Shoprite in Trianon a few months ago. I told him I wanted to try a few things out and he allowed me to use his laptop. We chatted a bit about my PhD and then I was off. He may not have been very knowledgeable (I wasn’t really testing him), but he talked to me with respect and was polite. I have had many experiences similar to those described by changingpictures, so I was quite happy with the nomad salesman.

  7. lol, i do maintain that they lost their signal!
    plz confirm wiz them 😛

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