3Kb/s : Slow Internet connection


Seems like slow Internet connection will go on for several days as the Taiwan “link” has been damaged due to the earthquake. Download rate of 3Kb/s on a 256 Kb line… snif, snif… 😦


  1. We say as slow as molasses. I can feel your pain (or not? :))

  2. Haha, yeah you can feel it, with you enjoying a 10Mb/s connection over there!! 😉

  3. lol, vive nomad (dialog sa 😛 )
    anyway, nomad has not been affected by this problem!
    for once, nomad seems better than telecom + 🙂

  4. To sur sa Yashvin? Ou soit Nomad pn gagne connexion ditout meme sa??

  5. i remove everything i said about “vive nomad!”

    i have been facing problems:
    7,8,9 : frequent lost of ips
    10 : no connection 1/2 day + at night 23hrs
    11-16 : no connection at all in the north, just some tens minutes connection with a 1 KB/sec speed!
    17, was ok for 1/2 day but then, slownessssssssssssssssssssssss

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