Reset Livebox

LiveboxSimple (and very useful ;-)) Python script written in my spare time to reboot the My.T(Orange/Wanadoo) Livebox to get a new IP address. May also be useful to you. Works with Python >= 2.3



  1. Yeah, Python is wonderful! I searched for a class in PHP doing the telnet but there wasn’t anything much simpler than doing it in Python! It’s too great!

  2. Hello Asvin i still don’t understand what the “reset of livebox” instant for????

  3. comradejv,

    I’ll give you an example, you have a download manager which allows you to run a batch file after a file has finished downloading. Also the website you’re downloading files from, limits the bandwidth used based on IP adresses. So what you do, you tell your download manager to run the script after a download has finished so that when you reboot the Livebox, you get another IP adress and continue downloading the files! 😉

  4. fayyaaz

    how to change my IP adresse on the livebox.

  5. Your article is very informative and helped me further.

    Thanks, David

  6. fayyaaz, it depends whether you’ve got a static IP or a fixed IP (which I doubt 😉
    Normally whenever you reboot your Livebox you’ll get a new IP address. You can check you IP when accessing the Livebox web adin interface. go to Mes Services->Acces Internet and you’ll see your IP there or simply you can just go to

    Thanks David, glad I helped you 😉

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