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Displays your IP address and with a simple Google maps mashup to display where you’re from.

Web2.0 design style done in my spare time after buying domain, using :

For those interested in the accordion thing, just have a look at the javascript :

or if you want some help, just contact me. 😉

Fresh from oven, read the announcement and grab it !

Still wondering whether it’s too hot or not for website.

Before starting work everyday and while waiting Eclipse (PDT) to patiently build my projects, here are my favorite websites I must visit ranked in my personal order of preference :


It has been 1 month since was launched and overall I’am quite satisfied with the new portal, compared to the old Servihoo one.

The main features which I’am very satisfied, from a technical point of view :

  • built on bleeding edge technology (does anyone hear memcache here ;-))
  • almost all pages are valid XHTML 1.0 transitional (i do mention almost here)
  • CSS layout, built on the fantastic YUI CSS grids and Blueprint CSS (look ma, no tables ;-))
  • heavy, very heavy use of javascript and namely the great, the fantastic and the one and only Yahoo! YUI library. 😉
  • various AJAX calls via YUI Connection manager. For example  taux de change on the homepage, where the info is retrieved via AJAX displayed in a cool YUI panel.
  • follow Yahoo! rules for high performance websites (thanks YUI theater and Steve Souders for that). Not later than yesterday, expires headers were added to javascript components and a notable increase in performance has been noted. Naturally a lot is still to be done but we’re working on that.
  • clean URLS

P.S I did watch Steve’s video from start to finish and I’ll recommend it to other web dev out there. The YUI theater is just great resource.


In fact it’s a simple app written in PHP5 using the screen scraping technique ;-). Basically the script fetches the headlines from the local newspaper “” and displays them in your profile.

Add lexpress-mru app to your facebook profile. 

Download the php script here (requires php5).


Problem :

You want to display a particular post everyday but only during a time of the day, very useful when you’ve got a schedule you want to display.

Solution :

Post your entry but make the entry date a fixed one. For example, the post has entry date 2007-01-01 but with the time you want the post to display -> 2007-01-05 01:40 PM

Then in your exp:weblog:entries tag in your template just add the following:

stop_before="2007-01-01 {current_time format="%g:%i %A"}" show_future_entries="yes"

I just tried to register for paypal today, just to see and hoping Mauritius was added to the countries list, and GOOD NEWS for us!!! Now Mauritius IS listed, i.e you can buy items from eBay, flickr and other merchants! Go and register yourself!

Mobile zone

The new Servihoo Mobile Zone has been launched today, where you can get logos, tones, games and videos.

Check it here and tell me what you think!

P.S, Yahoo! YUI is just too great!!!

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